Mizsei Microbubble Shower Head
Mizsei Microbubble Shower Head

This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the Best Mizsei Microbubble Shower Head Review.

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The Microbubble Shower Head is a new invention that could answer our wet head woes.

Two brothers invented it, and while it looks like an ordinary showerhead at first glance, this one has some significant advantages over traditional models.

For starters, there are no more drips! This means you can stay in the water for longer without worrying about your hair or clothes getting wet from outside sources of moisture.

And because there’s less surface tension on the droplets coming out of the nozzle, they spread out farther than before.

This makes them perfect for rinsing shampoo and conditioner off your scalp – something we all know not only feels great but also leaves us with better hair.

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The Best Mizsei Microbubble Shower Head Review

Introducing the latest Mizsei, a prize-winning showerhead that feels remarkable cleans deep, and keeps over 6,800 gallons of water.

The MIZSEI Microbubble showerhead is the latest innovation from one of Japan’s most creative showerhead firms.

It feels remarkable, and it saves over 6,800 gallons of water per year and cleans so profoundly that one does not even need to use shampoo.

Additionally, it envelops 920 million microbubbles per second for a creative and refreshing shower experience. Anyway, the gentle bursting of Mizsei microbubble on your skin feels like a hot, relaxing massage and pulls dirt out of your pores, leaving you feeling clean and completely rejuvenated.

Further, using the latest water technology helps significantly decrease your atmosphere impact and power bills. Save on water, carbon emissions from the water heater, and cash—additional providers benefit from microbubbles without sacrificing water force shower efficiency or shower fun.

Switch seamlessly between stream and mist modes to enjoy the same microbubble power. Here, the warmth also raises blood flow and calms your muscles.

Experience relaxing, healing, warm, and also longer. Its showerhead is simple to set up. Remove your existing showerhead and change it with MIZEI. No plumbers, no drills, or bathroom reconstruction is required.

So, you’re looking for a way to improve the quality of your shower and increase its efficiency?

The Microbubble Shower Head is designed with this in mind. It comprises tiny air bubbles that create an even more thorough cleanse than traditional nozzles can offer.

This will leave you feeling cleaner longer–it also has less water pressure, so it won’t cause any damage or discomfort when using it on sensitive skin areas like your eyes.

You’ll be able to get rid of all those pesky bacteria and feel refreshed without wasting time or money!

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Advantages of Mizei microbubble showerhead

Feels remarkable

Mizei envelops you in 920 million microbubbles per minute for a relaxing shower that feels like a rejuvenating massage. The perfect brushing of the microbubbles on your skin pulls dirt deep out of your pores for a deeper, extra exceptional clean.

Excellent for the environment

Mizsei uses thirty percent less water than standard showerheads. With a 1.6x more excellent spray plan, you will keep over 6,800 gallons of water annually. Our average customer saves up to $200 in power bills each year after making the switch.

Less water waste

Mizsei gives the advantages of microbubbles without scarifying water force, shower fun, or shower efficiency. Switch seamlessly between stream and mist modes to enjoy the same microbubble power any way you love.

Feel longer, warmer

The microbubbles from missed release power and heat when they gradually burst on your skin. This makes a hot sensation that remains even after showering.

Like a span in your own home

Mizsei brings standard spa relaxation into your own house. The atomized microbubble technology gives a relaxing, soothing, and healing power experience, deep cleansing your scalp, pores, and hair.

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Your hair and skin will thank you.

As Mizsei microbubbles penetrate deep into your body’s skin, it both moisturizes and cleans your skin and hair, helping you keep on skincare and shampoo products.

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Excellent points to consider

Gentle pore cleansing

Your face will like the soft touch of the Mizsei microbubble showerhead. Gentle microbubbles, tiny than your pores, remove oil and dirt from the inside out while opening up your pores to breathe.

Gentle, deep cleansing permits your skin to regenerate natural body oil, leaving your skin soft and moisturized. Advice for sensitive skin pets and babies too!

Full-body relaxation

Our negatively ionized water attracts all the rightly ionized dirt particles that adhere to your skin and blockage your pores. What is good for your face and hair is excellent for the rest of your body. Say goodbye to tired, lousy skin and experience more incredible warmth throughout your body.

Microbubbles stimulate the nerves and blood via their micro-vibrating massage action to help generate body heat. You will experience raised circulation for excellent heat retention and feel radical removal.

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What are microbubbles?

“Microbubbles” are tiny bubbles with a diameter ranging from a few microns to approximately 10s of microns in size.

And “nanobubbles” are regulated by the invisible bubbles as a diameter of submicron order. *1μm = 1/1000 mm

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Why use microbubbles for showerheads?

The bubble’s size is vital regarding the required effects of dots on a showerhead.

Microbubbles are perfect for taking off skin sebum in cleansing effects by showering, while nanobubbles are little to take off.

What are the specs?

Microbubbles stay in the water for a long time and have decreased propensity to merge with other bubbles. They also absorb floating substances in water.

Those bubbles have unique specs and different effects on various areas. Each kind of bubble uses and can apply to its proper field.

Installing a handheld showerhead

Installation is relatively straightforward once your handheld shower head comes in the mail.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Teflon tape
  • Wrench
  • Rag/old shirt
  • Old toothbrush

You will need to perform the following:

  • Locate a rag around the neck of your existing showerhead (ensure the water to the shower is turned off)
  • Get your wrench and make it more robust on the neck of the old showerhead and turn counter-clockwise.
  • You will likely view the old Teflon tape remnants when the old shower head is removed. Use an old toothbrush to scrape away the tape, so you are just left with metal threads.
  • Get your role of Teflon tape and cover it snuggly around the threads about 2 or 3 times. This is an important step that should never be skipped. Skipping this step will cause leaks behind the showerhead, resulting in a lower water force for your shower.
  • Twist the latest handheld showerhead onto the threads in a clockwise manner. Once you have to make it tighter as far as you can with your hand, locate the rag on the neck of the latest showerhead and provide it with about a half turn.

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How to Remove Build-Up from MIZSEI Micro-Bubble Showerhead!

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End words

Creative Japanese showerhead firm Mizsei MFG Co. launched a crowdfunding campaign for its Microbubble showerhead. The product was entirely funded.

The Mizsei Microbubble showerhead gets its title because it uses hydrodynamic cavitation to produce high-power cavitation bubbles. By the second, 920 million microbubbles wash over the skin, making an incredibly uplifting and spa-like shower experience.

The showerhead also provides other advantages, including its resource-saving design, which decreases carbon emissions, helps keep money, and uses thirty percent less water to match regular showerheads.

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MIZSEI Microbubble Handheld Shower Head with Hose, Holder, Pressure Regulating Valve (White)

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as of May 31, 2023 10:28 pm


  • A DEEPER CLEANING - By using microbubbles that are ⅓ of the size of your pores, the microbubbles actually attract dirt and flush it out of your pores.
  • FEEL FANTASTIC - “Mist” function offers extremely lightweight, fog-like spray, generating a thin mist that feels extra refreshing and invigorating.
  • SAVE WATER AND MONEY - Uses 30% less water, which saves over 6,800 gallons of water a year and up to $200 a year in utility bills.
  • MUSCLE RELAXATION - The gentle bursting of the microbubbles generate a “massaging effect,”helping relax your muscles after an intense workout.
  • FEEL WARMER FOR LONGER - Energy released from the bursting of microbubbles generates a “heating effect,” improving blood flow and relaxing your muscles.

G-Promise All Metal Dual Square Shower Head Combo | 8" Rain Shower Head | Handheld Shower Wand with 71" Extra Long Flexible Hose | Smooth 3-Way Diverter | Adjustable Extension Arm - A Bathroom Upgrade

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as of May 31, 2023 10:28 pm


  • ►METAL RAIN SHOWER HEAD AND HAND SHOWER WAND: Square design rain shower head and hand shower wand are made from stainless steel and brass. METAL construction is more durable than plastic, and provides a longer service life.
  • ►METAL DIVERTER WITH BUILT-IN BRACKET: G-Promise's patented design. All metal construction, no worries about breaking. This diverter has a smooth control lever. You can switch easily between the hand shower & the shower head, or switch them both on at the same time. But When two outlets discharge at the same time, the water pressure is halved.
  • ►9-INCH SHOWER EXTENSION ARM: Keeps the shower head away from the wall. You can adjust the height, distance and angle with two knobs to meet your specific needs. The free spinning locking collar allows you to tighten the extender in a correct position.
  • ►EASY INSTALLATION: Done in minutes with a simple wrench we offer. The illustrated instruction tells you clearly how to do. A metal crochet is prepared for you to remove easily the restrictor when the water pressure not enough. A plumbers' tape is always helpful during installation.
  • ►A 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Bring you full confidence. Any questions, CONTACT US via amazon email, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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