Coeur Designs 16 Inch Extra Long Shower Extension Arm
Coeur Designs 16 Inch Extra Long Shower Extension Arm

Coeur Designs shower extension arm is yet another amazing product in the market.

This item specs tough brass construction and comes with a universal 1/2 inch NPT extra long which makes it best for use with most standard showerheads.

Features Coeur Designs Extra Long Shower Extension Arm

It is simply linked to most shower heads and make sure that you have perfect showering experiences.

Additionally, it specs design with the special locking gear for fixing the preferred place and angle of the showerhead.

Funny enough, it raises the height without changing the flow rate.

No more ducking to get wet

Stop putting up with a fixed shower head place that was installed too high too low.

Solve the issue by attaching the Universal 1/2 NPT extra-long sixteen-inch brass extension arm today.

No issue if you are 6’4 or 4’6.

This powerful brass extension arm will adjust to your wanted shower height for a rightly relaxing, safe, and enjoyable showering experience.

Robust locking lower gear joint grips big showerheads

Big showerheads will be held in any place for the best shower experience.

Redesigned adjustable lower locking gear joint as of 12-1-19 permits for superior grip and best positioning of your extension.

Adds up to fourteen inches of increased shower head height while maintaining the water flow rate.

Patent-pending locking gear and free-spinning collar nut

Garden hose like collar nut makes sure simple attachment to the shower pipe.

Our special patent-pending free-spinning collar nut permits for simple attachment and the best position of your extension.

Coeur Designs Extra Long Shower Extension Arm
Coeur Designs Extra Long Shower Extension Arm

How to pick the right shower arm

There are many things to consider when picking a shower arm.

First, you need to check the height of the plumbing outlets where you will link the shower arm.

If the outlets are very high, then you should go for a straight shower arm and a rainwater showerhead.

On the other hand, if the outlets are extremely low, you should pick a gooseneck shower arm.

Also, ensure to picks shower arms that complement the design and style of your bathroom.

Showers’ arms are accessible in a range of designs and finish choices.

For example, the Square Hi-Rise shower arm offered by Alpine building products comes in a matte black finish and also a quality chrome finish.

Pick a finish that complements the look of your area.

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