POLLENEX Shower head High Pressure
POLLENEX Shower head High Pressure

Whether you are struggling with low pressure in your home or the only addicted to powerhead shower, the right extreme pressure shower head makes the difference.

It all begins with an exclusive design with hundreds of laser-cut holes on the showerhead’s front face.

Features POLLENEX Showerhead High Pressure.

The water is smoothly pressurized inside the head before released into a powerful stream that discharges negative ions.

The flow is so solid that it actually makes some wind that almost makes it feel like standing next to the waterfall.

In POLLENEX, where this shower head is designed, the ionic effect is said to have pure natural advantages, such as stress relief.

In addition to the ionic spray, three spray settings include a wide rainfall spray, mist spray, and massage spray.

To cycle via the spray features, you easily and gently rotate the POLLENEX High-Pressure shower head like the head of an owl.

While the other modes are solid, the high-pressure mode spray truly makes this the top class POLLENEX High-Pressure shower head of 2020.

POLLENEX Shower head High Pressure
POLLENEX Showerhead High Pressure

And with a 2.5 gallon each minute water flow rate, you are sure to get the most water output from POLLENEX high-pressure showerhead.

In the past, the POLLENEX shower head was just available as a standalone sprayer.

But this past year, the showerhead High Pressure partnered with POLLENEX to add a shower head holder bracket and shower hose coil and to make this a real handled shower headset for everyone.

So purchase with confidence, knowing that when you purchase one of the finest high-pressure showerheads, you can buy this year.

You will get each and everything you need to install it. If you need high water pressure, then definitely consider this showerhead.


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