Purelux Shower Extension Extra Long Stainless
Purelux Shower Extension Extra Long Stainless

What is a shower arm extension?

It is a simple metal pipe that permits water to run via them from the water source pipeline to the showerhead.

Now, you may ask why an extension is needed when you already have the showerhead delivering water.

To be simple this shower head extension, like the name indicates it extends the shower head more away from the walls, therefore, giving you more freedom of space to move under the shower.

Most people feel irritated and painful to stand near to the wall and have a shower just because the showerhead is too little. For such people, this item is a blessing and relief.

About the product

We target water-related products in the bathroom and kitchen.

Our vision is to offer customers with relaxing and luxurious items that make customers enjoy water luxury and purity, which is the connotation of our brand – Purelux.

All our items are contemporary designs, which you will find much different from other shops.

All our items are tested to federal standards to make sure compliance.

But we do not prevent there, we go beyond federal compliance, and test our items against abuse and a long time durability test, which make sure a performance beyond your guesses.

Purelux Shower Extension Extra Long Stainless
Purelux Shower Extension Extra Long Stainless

Features Purelux Shower Arm Extension

  • Made of top standard stainless steel, this shower arm is extremely rigid and powerful to support 10 and 12 shower head.
  • Offers seventeen shower reach and 4.7 rises.
  • Standard thread link in the USA
  • Includes flange and free plumbers tape


  • Raises in water flow rate – most extension arms stop hard water build-up, so increases water flow.
  • Comparatively excellent appeal – shower arm extensions come in the perfect design and amazing colors that can better the looks of your bathroom
  • Adjustable place – some of the shower arm extension comes with this choice to adjust it in any wanted place, most generally it is limited to down and up position and also in some models 360 angles too.
  • More freedom of area – normal shower heads are fixed to the wall and come in little inbuilt extension, but the, top shower extension can offer comparatively more area.

Factors to consider when buying a shower arm extension

  • Forever buy the product with reference to the size of your source pipeline and shower head fitting size.
  • Check the specification and ensure the item is made of the best standard material that is resistant to corrosion, and hard water builds up.


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