XIYUNTE SPA Shower Head Innovative
XIYUNTE SPA Shower Head Innovative

Showery contains unique Nano ceramic balls that make a fit shower experience.

The tourmaline stones remove ninety-nine percent of the water’s chlorine, damaging the scalp and hair health issue.

Features Showery Shower Head

Showery offers strong and, at the same time, soft water flow, which is best for dry, sensitive skin.

The purified water from the Ion showerhead better the health of your hair and scalp.

Turbocharged pressure

Rises water speed pressure up to two-hundred percent beyond typical faucet pressure.

Water from the tiny hole, providing you a relaxing bath, eliminate the fatigue of a day’s work with laser pinhole water or delicate and soft, enjoy your showering experience.

Ionic filter particles

The particles filter and purify your bathing water from peculiar and bacteria smell best to your health.

Enjoy purer, cleaner water that will help provide you that spa style deep clean over every inch of your skin.

Showery Shower Head
Showery Shower Head


Saves up to thirty percent water usage.

Save more water while showering under general water pressure via the throttling and pinhole technology.

Durable and simple design

It is made by eco-friendly ABS material, specs a transparent, see-through design, and top standard filter removable for simple cleaning.

Enjoy a relaxing shower with a showerhead for years.

International standard

The eight cm diameter connector is compatible with ninety-nine percent of standard shower hoses on the market.

Just hook our showerhead to almost any bathroom hose and begin enjoying your shower experience like never before.

Unique mineral balls

It is vital to look after your skin. That is why showering contains bioactive mineral balls that help purify water and get rid of chlorine.

The negative iconic balls will turn your tap water into a natural spring-like liquid, leaving your skin hydrated and clean.

Ionic Shower Heads Handheld High-Pressure Water Saving

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