Tibbers High Pressure Shower Head
Tibbers High Pressure Shower Head

One showering session from this showerhead will leave your body feeling calm and problem-free since it has remarkable specs perfect for eliminating body fatigue.

The attendance of the patented pulse SPA technology offers a reliable water release force.

The showerhead has five water releases modes, such as pulse, massage, and spray mode.

Even the children can use this showerhead since you can simply manage the water outlet and has a handheld design as well.

The showerhead is made with plastic stuff that is perfect and durable.

You can manage this showerhead to different angles of natural showering moment.

The showerhead can fit in the bigger part of the standard arms with the G1/2 interface and does not need any instruments for installation objectives.

Tibbers High Pressure Shower Head
Tibbers High Pressure Shower Head

Features Tibbers High-Pressure Shower Head

Pulsed SPA

Our showerhead uses a special patented pulse-SPA technology that gathers air and an internal pressurized structure to make a high-frequently pulsed water flow that is mainly effective in relieving physical fatigue.

Five-setting modes

Mixed mode, massage mode, rain mode, spray model and pulse mode. Five shower modes can make you and your family enjoy nature relax shower at home.

Tibbers High Pressure Shower Head
Tibbers High Pressure Shower Head

Amazing construction

Showerheads are built to the highest standard plastic and the new fine-spray chrome technology for durability.

It has an adjustable angled brass ball joint that you can manage for any shower angle that you want.

Simple installation

Showerhead uses a standard G1/2 interface and you can fix it without any tools.


  • Simple to install
  • You can adjust it to various angles
  • Showering with its convenient for all family members
  • There are different water disperse modes to pick from


  • Does not fit homes with low forced pipes because it does not impact the flow of water
Tibbers High Pressure Shower Head
Tibbers High Pressure Shower Head

Let your children and family enjoy a relaxing shower experience

  • Hand-held shower heads come in five different settings, each of which provides you a different shower experience.
  • For example, the high water force pulse mode can massage your back muscles, ease your pain and take away your day’s fatigue.
  • The fantastic experience of five types of shower modes, waiting for you to discover.

Advantages of Tibbers shower head

  • Showerheads are made of top standard ABS plastic, using the new fine-spraying chrome technology, non-toxic and lead-free, offering you and your family with years of protection and fun.
  • It works in any bathroom and looks forever so best, and it is tarnished and rust. We also provide an adjustable angle shower bracket to help you manage the spray direction to provide you a relaxing shower experience.


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