YAWALL Showering Replacement 4-Inch Shower Head Fixed Mount
YAWALL Showering Replacement 4-Inch Shower Head Fixed Mount

4 position spray pattern allows the YAWALL Showering Replacement 4-Inch Shower Head Fixed Mount 4 Function user to select having the shower head turned with each turn representing a different pattern.

Yawall shower head is committed to the last details for your day to day life.

Features YAWALL Showering Replacement Shower Head Fixed Mount

Each product commissioned helps the end-user enjoy more excitement in life, the full experience of a shower.

We acquire quality substance and standard manufacturing procedures to produce efficient performing products for you to use.

We hope that our product satisfies you and would transform your house into a more comfortable place.

Engineering Grade non-recycled Rubber nozzles, Plastics, to prevent hard water and lime water from building up, anti-limescale design, and you have four spray patterns to choose from

Yawall shower head
Yawall shower head

What will you get?

1 peace YAWALL Rainfall Best Showerhead
1 roll Teflon Tape also comes with a 12 months warranty with proof of purchase


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THE YAWALL 4 Spray Patterns – Turn and Click Pattern Selector, the 4-position spray pattern permits the YAWALL user to select having the shower head turned with each turn representing a different pattern.
Easy Installation. The Yawall Showering Replacement 4-Inch Shower Head Fixed Mount 4 Function shower head delivers full enjoyment Spa experience at the comfort of the clients’ home.
The Yawall shower head has 128 vee-shaped holes that help conserves water and increase the water pressure.

Conserves up to more than 50 percent water.

The showerhead has a powerful spray shooting against low the -pressure pipe
The Yawall Showering Replacement 4-Inch Shower Head Fixed Mount 4 Function comes with a labor guarantee and 1 full year of components.


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YAWALL Showering Replacement 4-Inch Shower Head Fixed
YAWALL Showering Replacement 4-Inch Shower Head Fixed

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Item Specification Yawall shower head

Yawall shower head is associated with easy and first installation; YAWALL Showerhead is compatible with the American Standard plumbing joints. 2.5 GPM flow rate regulated;

This delivers consistent, powerful spray performance.
High-Quality: the Yawall shower head is made out of ABS plastic; it is an elegant design that easily blends with the decor of your bathroom
In case you also need a showerhead arm, they are available on Amazon for $9.99.
100% assured: Clients should be sure of this item and the service that comes with it.

Yawall shower head works well without the water restrictor, although the pressure is great even with the water restrictor still intact.

Yawall shower head produces the rain effect when turned on.

The Yawall shower head is just the perfect size where you get a nice circumference of water and still have plenty of water pressure coming out.

If you want to pull out the water restrictor, here is how to do it:

You really can’t pull out the restrictor with a pin from the front because there is a metal lip preventing it.

You need to unscrew it from the back and remove it that way.

The superior detachable water restricted is easy to remove and stores up water well.

The showerhead performs very well at both high and low pressures.

It can be installed without breaking a sweat and is very affordable too.

Yawall shower head company’s mission is to help people relax with ease and confidence by providing products made with no compromise of quality and functionality.

They guarantee 2-weeks no questions asked hassle-free refund. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can return it and have your money back without being questioned.

The moderate size of this showerhead beats the larger heads because it is a great balance between the head and the water pressure, and for the price, it is worth giving it a try.

How to Install a Shower Head (Fixed Mount — Hidden Pivot Ball)