Function High Pressure Water Saving Filtered Handheld Ionic
Function High Pressure Water Saving Filtered Handheld Ionic

If you are looking for a shower head filter, you might want to keep in mind this high-pressure water-saving iconic handheld filtration shower head offered by Zenbodys Shower Head.

Users like that the item does the work well but do complain about the affordable standard.

Featurs Zenbodys Shower Head

This product is filtered body spray with a water-saving spec without sacrificing water force. The three-layer of mineralized spheres amazingly decrease impurities in water.

It is simple to install, and it links to any standard hose in minutes.

If you are looking for the best standard metal shower head filter, this might not be such a best choice.

In general, users have a good opinion of this Zenbody’s shower head filter, saying that it does purify hard water well and that the water force is adequate.

Zenbodys Shower Head Water Saving Filtered Handheld Ionic
Zenbody’s Shower Head Water Saving Filtered Handheld Ionic

Very Simple to Install

They also state that the item is simple to install.

Anyway, some buyers complain about the affordable standard of the item.

One purchaser shares that the item fell apart after a few months of use.

KDF Shower Filters

There are four different choices to pick from KDF, carbon filters, vitamin C filters, and bioactive filters:

KDF shower filters are also best at eliminating chlorine.

They are excellent shower filtration options than pure carbon-filters, but if you try to eliminate chloramines, it is top to use Vitamin C filters.

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Carbon shower filters are best for removing chlorine, though not perfect for chloramines.

They are most generally used for tap water because they lose effectiveness with high heat.

Vitamin C shower filters are top at removing both chloramines and chlorines by a chemical response process that neutralizes chloramines and chlorine.

Bioactive shower filters usually use different stones to strain out impurities – though the producers are not forever clear what they are made from.

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