ZENGEST Shower Hose Smooth
ZENGEST Shower Hose Smooth

ZENGEST Shower Hose is 59 inches, which is the ideal length for your shower.

Also, it’s made of PVC material that’s highly durable. The materials utilized in this shower hose can avoid any water pipe bursts.

ZENGEST Shower Hose Smooth Surface Features

Furthermore, the ZENGEST Shower Hose Smooth is finished off with brass connectors.

If you’re irritated with your water shower hose getting tangles and twisting at strange angles, then this ZENGEST Shower Hose Smooth is a solution for you.

The shower hose nuts let the shower head move 360 degrees, so the shower hose will move easily as you need it to. Moreover, this silver-colored ZENGEST Shower Hose has a smooth surface that can be cleaned without any issue.

This is the best choice for your replacement as it’s light and highly flexible to use. These are qualities that you need for the best shower hose.

Key Features Shower Hose

  • Top-quality plastic hose with simple to clean surface reinforced with polyester yarns
  • The shower cord is light, extremely flexible and non-kinking
  • Ant-kinking extension shower hose, nuts on both ways of the hose lets you move your shower quickly, and the shower hose will not twist.
  • Simple to install and perfect fit in the standard size shower head. The replacement shower hose connector is made from brass, straight threads and is compatible with any shower and water system.

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  • The ZENGEST Shower Hose length is standard long fifty-nine inches.
  • The price of the hose is very affordable.
  • This ZENGEST Shower Hose doesn’t kink
  • There’s a 360-degree rotation with a non-twist feature.
  • This PVC shower hose is extremely lightweight and flexible.


  • It doesn’t stay straight.
  • Some users complaint about the durability issues

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